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Jun - September: 24/7

Grupe: fizička sprema obavezna

Težina ture: procjena vodiča

Sasvim posebna avantura za koju kažu da je jedna od najekskluzivnijih na ovim prostorima. Kanjon Nevidio je čudo neviđeno.


Where the Durmitor and Vojnik mountains collided over millions of years ago, the Komarnica Canyon – the last conquered canyon in Europe – was cut through the angry rock. It is located 50 km from Zabljak in the direction of Savnik. The name of Nevidio, or Nevidbog, as they call it, is reminiscent of mysterious inaccessibility. His cliffs are so tight that in some places light never touches. It represents one of the biggest alpine challenges in this part of Europe. It was conquered only in 1965, and until then, as its name suggests, no one has seen it all. The Nevidio Canyon is 2.7 km long, 150 meters deep, with waterfalls and over 100 meters.

09:00h –  We start this exciting adventure by direct transport from our hotel and safe drive through attractive landscapes right to the village Poscenje, one of the most beautiful villages in Montenegro. In this village there are two beautiful glacier lakes and a fantastic periodic waterfall Skakavac that gets water from the river Grabovica with 70 meters high cliff. Here you will be equipped with neoprene suits and boots, helmets and safety vests, and your guides will check the safety of the equipment and inform you about the passage through the canyon

10.30h – Already at the first touch, the Nevidio canyon will completely overshadow you with its indescribable beauty. His larger part is in an eternal shadow, because of the vertical rocks, the sun’s rays can not reach the bottom. On steep and inaccessible rocks, rough conditions for vegetation are prevailing, so that the canyon is said to be a jewel of a crude nature. The width of the canyon in individual places is less than one meter. We will stop in the most delicate parts of the canyon for enjoyment and taking pictures.

15.00h – Exit the canyon. The unbreakable beauty of the gullies, cascades and sparkling beech that the Nevidio canyon keeps are more than sufficient reason to see and experience this incredible gem of Montenegro. The passage through the canyon will last about 4 hours, but you will remember it all your life. After going out and changing, we will organize lunch at the Ethno restaurant Jatak where you can order organic food prepared in a traditional way.

16.00h – Your adventure ends with a drive back to our hotel.

The ideal time for canyoning is from the end of June to the end of September, depending on weather conditions. Our licensed  guides each year conducted a preliminary expedition before the opening of the season. They will also examine your readiness and inform you in detail to ensure that you can safely pass through the canyon.

Although the extreme experience of canyoning does not require special physical readiness, but all participants must be over 18 years of age, they must be swimmers an need to be healthy.

The price of the package includes:

  • breakfast
  • transport
  • tax
  • Tourist tax
  • insurance
  • free parking for vehicles
  • passing through the canyon
  • lunch
  • complete equipment

It is necessary to take: bathing suit, sun protection and good moods for unforgettable socializing.


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