Hiking Soko city

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15 April - 01 Oktobar 24/7

Groups: physical education obligatory

Track length: 6.9 km - marked path

Get to know the most beautiful sights, the surroundings of Tear of Europe, the Tara River.


8:30h – Enjoy delicious meals from traditional cuisine with morning freshness on the terrace by the river.

9:00h – Making friendship with  the guide who will be available for your  questions during this unforgettable excursion.

9:30h – Your adventure begins with a light walk with a laugh and joke on a marked track that extends 6.9km from our hotel (480m above sea level). During this excursion we visit the Zagrađe Monastery.

Specificity of the excursion:

The Zagrađe Monastery under Soko town is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and dates back to the 15th century and is the endowment of the  Stephen Vukčić Kosače. It is located just above Scepan Polje above the constituents of the Piva and Tara rivers, who make the river Drina at that place. The cathedral of the monastery is the most monumental monument of the Kosača governor’s house, described often by very prominent travel writers and historians, shifted as a unique and remarkable achievement of ecclesiastical architecture in the Balkans. In addition to the monastery, a telescope model is used, which is used on the Eiffel Tower, this cultural downtown.

After this beautiful place, we start with a tour through Soko Grad, climbing to the top of the Tara canyon (1300m), going to Crkvičko Polje where we are waiting for a vehicle from the hotel, which we are going back to the hotel. If you are not too tired, you can take a walk with the guide. The guide is full of interesting information about these hidden and sumptuous beauties.

15:00h – The hosts are waiting for us with a rich traditional cuisine.

You need to take the camera.

It is recommended to carry a backpack, wind or rain jacket, sun cream, hiking poles (not required), hat or cap, water bottle (plastic or metal).

Lunch and taxes are included in the excursion.


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