Three - Days Rafting

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15 April - 01 October 24/7

Group: unlimited

Tire weight: for all ages (children aged 6 years)

This tour is right one where you will meet canoyn on the right way. Enjoying and vacation on the river will complete and complex you with nature.

River Tara is the longest river in Montenegro (158km) and one of the most beautiful and most spectacular rivers in Europe. Also, river Tara has spectacular canoyn, 80km long, which is deepest canoyn in the world after Colorado. We will go from place to place during the whole stream through the heart of Tara canoyn, which is like incomparable gem of this planet.


Rafting length 90km – children up to 12 years old discount.

First day

You can come in any time of the day in our Motel. During the rest of your day, you will take a rest and enjoy in our terase of our Motel which right in front of the Tara river. You will tray our specialities from Montenegrian kitchen. The lodging is provided in the rooms in our hotel.

Second day

07:00h – The best time to start your day with delicious and different kind of food prepared on traditional way. You will enjoy near the river.

07:30h – You will start with preparations for unforgettable adventure. You will equip with professional equipment for rafting:neopren suits and boots, life jackets and hamlets. You can take camera or mobile phones. We have dry bags on each boat that you can put inside during the rapids and get it on he places where the river is calm.

08:00h – After big breakfast and preparation for rafting  we are going on jeep safari tour through the most beautiful nature of Montenegro, to the Šljivansko- starting point of rafting.  Our trip will go through to Piva`s mountain, authentic villages Pišće and Trsa, also Todorovskog dola which is under the most beautiful  top of the Durmitor-Prutaš. Then, there are more villages, like Virak, top of Sozina and Sedlo. There is  beautiful view on Modro lake.

11:30h – Arriving to the starting point of rafting, Šljivansko. 

That place is very quiet and calm on the confluence  of Šljivansko stream on which place are two rapids and cave Radonjice. On the starting point of rafting is editted part for rafting start through canoyn. Šljivansko is away 6km of the Bridge on ĐURĐEVIĆA TARA in direction to the Mojkovac. On that place, road goes  in couple of metres of Tara which is very comfortable  for equipment of rafting.

So, you are going to make a eal with skipper, you will talk about river and instructions. Also, he will check your neopren equipment before starting.

12:00h – Begining unforgetable adventure. We will raft to the Radovan Luka in during of five hours with some pauses for lunch, swimming, taking photos and enjoying.

17.00h – Arriving in Radovan Luka  which is in the middle floating part of Tara river in  the heart of National Park Durmitor, also near the Ćurevac, on which place the canoyn of Tara is deepest (1300m). Your lagguage will wait for you in the camp. Then You will see your double or triple room(everything is clean). So, you have enough time to enjoy in wildlife, tranqulitiy,  walking, fishing and enjoying in front of the fire, also.

Third day

09:00h – When you finish with your breakfast, we will continue our adventure through the most beutiful part of National Park Durmitor with a lot of rapids. First at all, we will pass one of the villages, Tepca (this village is famous becouse of the old wire bridge, as well as famous rapids where the canoyn is deepest), than Bajlovića Sige(the most picturesque part of Tara river), rapids Gornje and Dolje Nozdruć, canoyn of Sušica river(the river runs out on the top of Durmitor), as well as Prodrtu Usov( the biggest and the most atractive rapid), the camp Brštanovica as well as the same name rapids which are the longest on the whole Tara river: Borovi, Varda, Ćelije, Vjernovića rapid,..

14:00h – We will make a pause in one of the camps in Brštanovica. You will enjoy in front of the fire with delicious meals of traditional kitchen. Then we will continue with our raftig trip to the our Motel Blue River Tara.

19:00h – Unfortunately, our adventure come to the end. Hosts are waiting for us with a table of different kind of homemade food.

Price includes:

  • all taxes
  • transport
  • accommodation and sleeping
  • professional equipment
  • insurance

It is necessary to bring:
swimsuit, sun protection and a suitcase for an unforgettable get-together and enjoy!


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