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June - September: 24/7

Groups: Flexible group size

Physical Rating: Medium

Canyon Nevidio (Not Seen) is a natural wonder and unique tourist attraction that was first explored in 1965, making it the last conquered canyon in Europe. Formed when Durmitor and Vojnik mountains collided millions of years ago, the canyon is c. 5km long and narrows down to only 0.5m in some places.

Canyon Nevidio


Located some 50km south of Zabljak, Nevidio canyon is reminiscent of mystery and inaccessibility. The cliffs are so high in some places, making it impossible for light to get in.

09:00h - Start the journey with a ride through stunning landscapes, all the way to Poscenje village, home to two beautiful glacier lakes and the Skakavac waterfall. Get your high-quality equipment from our staff and pay close attention to the instructions.

10:30h– You will be taken aback by Nevidio’s stunning beauty right from the start – the highest parts throw constant shadow which, combined with the cold river water, has created conditions for some unique plant varieties. Marvel the best of rough nature, while squeezing through some pretty narrow passages!

15:00h - Leave the canyon to the sight of cascades and a sparkling beach and get ready to reflect on this unforgettable experience in a local ethnic restaurant Jatak, while traditionally prepared, organic food.

16:00h – Sit back and enjoy the drive back to Blue River Tara.

Subject to weather conditions, the ideal time to go canyoning is usually June to end of September. Our experienced and certified guides will always go on the first expedition for the season, before welcoming guests. They will also test your physical fitness and confirm you are fit enough to safely make the trip. Although professional levels of physical preparedness are not required to go extreme canyoning, all participants must be swimmers and aged over 18.




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Please bring a swimsuit and sunblock.

Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
Canyon Nevidio
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