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When you say rafting, the first thing that comes to your mind is "rafting on the Tara River", for sure. The Tara River has become popular among tourists who like wild water rafting in the last few years, which is rated as 3-5 by the rating of rafting, which means that it belongs to the very top of the river for rafting, as far as beauty is concerned! There are 80 very interesting, large caves in the canyon. Tara is also the largest European water reservoir, so water can be freely and cosmuted, which you must admit, is not exactly the case with other rivers!

You can reserve more rafting programs at the Blue River Tara complex: one-day, two-day or three-day and weekend rafting. Rafting is done with the most modern rafting boats. As for rafting equipment, you do not have to worry, all guests get rafting equipment that includes helmets, neoprene suits and shoes, safety vests and paddles.

For one-day rafting , the length of the rafting is 14 km, and this is the perfect program when it comes to a day trip to Tara. The adventure begins with an exciting ride on off-road vehicles to Brštanovica and ends in Šćepan Polje.

Rafting Tara

For multi-day rafting we have prepared programs for which the length of rafting is over 50 km and these tours are the best way to get to know the Tar River in the right way! The most attractive part of the canyon, about 90 km long from Šljivansky to Šćepan Polje, abounds with rapids (over 50), wild tributaries, sparkling waterfalls, lush, diverse forests whose trees are old for several hundred years.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience at the Blue River Tara rafting center and experience unforgettable memories!

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