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Tara canyon Montenegro

Tara canyon Montenegro

Tara is known as an amazing destination for activities like rafting, but exploring mount Durmitor during the summer months is just as impressive! With slightly cooler mountain temperatures and stunning views, Tara is the perfect summer destination for those looking for an outdoor adventure.

As mountain activities become more popular every summer, many adventurers are beginning to discover that planning and rafting is a necessary activity for their trip.

Sunny and warm days in the canyon of the river Tara are absolutely fantastic, full of sun melting snow from the tops of the mountains.

Durmitor with the canyon of the river Tara is a part of the world natural heritage. The Tara River Canyon is on the list of international biosphere reserves.

Rafting on the Tara River offers exciting rapids, various boat opportunities and indescribable camp life. Huge spacious meadows in the middle of nowhere offer an ideal playground for families to swim, start playing volleyball or when the sun goes down, relax together to watch the stars.

The Tara River as a torrential river at some points becomes calm. Rare parts where you can cross the river from one side to the other are called gauze (places where you can enter and walk to the other part). Near Bistrica, the riverbed is so narrow that, according to locals, one could jump from one side to the other. This unusual place is called Devil's Lies.

This kind of beauty is breathtaking and at first sight every traveler remains forever in love with Montenegro.

Those who decide to spend a few days on the river will remember it for the rest of their lives, especially the morning sun in the canyon and the night when the only light you will see is a narrow line of starry skies and a swarm of fireflies.

The bravest should not bypass the Nevidio canyon - the last conquered canyon in Europe.

Join us for amazing adventures and experiences. I'll see you soon!

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