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Rafting Tara

Rafting Tara

Feel the adrenaline

Rafting Tara

An unforgettable experience

Rafting Tara

An experience to remember

Rafting Tara

If you are not a hard core outdoor individual, experienced rafter, well trained and athletic, don’t worry! Believe it or not, even a child as young as three years old can have a feel of what this exciting activity brings. There are a lot of options for families, which are mild in intensity. In fact, Tara rafting trips require no previous rafting skills as the guides are navigating the rapids, with the exception of a paddle raft however even in this case, no experience is necessary. The guide sits at the back of the raft and directs you and the other passengers as you dig into the water.

Grade I waters mean that there are only little or few rough areas in the water. It means rapids are easy and not rough. It also requires just a little maneuvering. All passengers and guests are obligated to wear life jackets as a precaution whichever grade of water you wish to conquer. The magic of whitewater rafting is that it does not only provide a rush while on the river, but it also offers the possibility to combine other memorable experiences including hiking to notable attractions and natural waterfalls as well as camping at a new location down river each night for multi-day rafting trips. These trips will entertain, energize and relax you.

If you’re considering to raft the Tara River, your highly skilled guides will not only navigate the river safely, but also prepare incredible meals for you during your multi day raft trip. For more information on Blue river Tara rafting, please contact us.

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