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Montenegro borders with: in the south – Italy, in the west – Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the north – Serbia and Kosovo, in the south east – Albania.

Map Montenegro

Continental zone

Four towns characterize this region: Cetinje, Podgorica, Niksic and Danilovgrad. Cetinje is the old Royal capital of Montenegro. It is a living proof of how Montenegrins managed to create and protect their cultural heritage, and at the same time to create their heroic history. Rich in precious arms collections, Cetinje will take you centuries back. Podgorica is interesting for its optimistic dynamics of the modern urban center. Niksic is renowned by its tradition and ”Niksic beer”. Danilovgrad is famous for its river sources and vacation areas, out of which the most popular is Glava Zete. In this region are also situated Skadar Lake and Lovcen National Parks.

Continental Zone Montenegro

Mountain zone

Whether you choose summer or winter to visit this part of Montenegro, you won’t be deprived of breathtaking mountain landscapes. The town of Zabljak is situated at a higher altitude (around 1456 m) than any other town on the Balkans. It is surrounded by 23 peaks at an altitude over 2300 m. There are 17 glacial lakes, the most famous being Crno Jezero (Black Lake) where you can have a swim during summer. Wild beauty of Montenegro is supplemented with famous canyons of rivers Tara, Susica and Komarnica. More than 1500 plant species and 130 bird species are distinctive features of this region. Skiers, speleologists, mountaineers, hikers, adventurers, extreme sports admirers will always bear this part of Montenegro in their hearts.

Mountain Zone Montenegro

Coastal zone

The heat of the finest sand, pebble or the massive strength of the rocky cliffs? We have everything in abundance. Don’t hesitate, 73 km of the most beautiful union be tween the sun, sea and land (117 beaches) will help you to make a right decision. This part of Montenegro is characterized by the Mediterranean climate with the average air temperature of 27.5 °C during the summer period. The color of the sea is dark blue and transparency level varies 38 – 56 m. Swimming season lasts 180 days. There are 116 fish species and large number of crabs and shells in the South Adriatic area.

Coastal Zone Montenegro
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