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Surrounded by a transparent sea, surrounded by white stone and illuminated by the Mediterranean sun, Montenegro is one of the last oases of the Old Continent where you can still escape from the hectic pace of civilization and take a break with the sound of waves and intoxicating scents of nature. Whichever way you come to Montenegro, you will be greeted by magnificent, untouched nature and hospitable people. Impressive mountain peaks, spectacular canyons, fascinating bays, countless sandy beaches and endless blue of the open sea will take your breath away!

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia may enter and reside in Montenegro under the same conditions as citizens of Montenegro (with an identity card). Citizens of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia and Croatia can enter Montenegro and stay there for up to 90 days. They can travel in Montenegro with valid travel documents.

Montenegro does not need documents such as a green card, an international driver's license and a license to drive someone else's car abroad. If the owner of the vehicle is not in it, the person who drives the vehicle should have an authorization certified in court or in the municipality, but the license for driving abroad issued by the AMS of Serbia, which is valid for one year, is also accepted.

To enter the Republic of Montenegro, citizens of the Republic of Serbia need:
- For adults and older minors over 16 years of age - passport or valid ID card
- For younger minors up to 16 years - passport or valid ID card
- To cross the state border, a minor, a citizen of the Republic of Serbia until the age of 16, when traveling alone or accompanied by another person who is not his parent or legal representative, must have the certified consent of both parents, if they jointly exercise parental rights or legal representatives.

Citizens of the Republic of Serbia can enter the Republic of Montenegro without having a negative PCR test at all border crossings, with respect to health measures, in accordance with the health warning of the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Montenegro. The health warning is available at all border crossings in the Republic of Montenegro and is published on the website of the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Montenegro.

Documents for entry to Montenegro

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