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Welcome to one of the most beautiful places in Europe, welcome to Blue River Tara! We are located in Scepan Polje (Pluzine), in Montenegro. If you are wondering where rafting takes place, here's the answer. The river Tara, the synonym of Montenegro and its longest flow, is the largest reservoir of drinking water in Europe. The crystal clear river passes through the deepest canyon in Europe. Wild untouched nature, rich flora and fauna and beautiful steep cliffs - this is the Tara canyon.

1. World class rafting
If you are looking for a challenge, get in touch with the rapids of the Tara River! Tara offers the highest and most challenging experience right in this period. Tara seems to have restless, white, water stairs with beautiful, tranquil pools between rapids that allow you to rest, take pictures of her unique landscapes, or try swimming in crystal clear but cold water. For people who want to come to this adventure with their family, we have provided packages for every measure.

2. Unforgettable time
Waiting for an unforgettable time in the season! Rafting on Tara is always a new and unforgettable experience for our guests. Our visitors from several countries are always happy to come back with us, and we are always in the mood for socializing and we guarantee every great fun!

3. Stunning nature
The Tara River, which many people call the "Tear of Europe," adorns Montenegro. the Tara canyon is a very beautiful, rich and green landscape. The water in the canyon is along the entire river and is completely drinkable. This is certainly untouched nature and it is certainly a special tourist attraction.

4. Top guides
For all the activities we organize, we guarantee certified guides! Our guides are experienced practitioners throughout the region and have many years of experience.

5. Provided restaurant and accommodation
We prepare our guests the most popular dishes and offer our accommodation. We want our visitors, besides adrenaline rafting and excursions, to offer top quality holiday, best cuisine, unforgettable experience and enjoyment, and to remember us for the best.

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