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How does Rafting on Tara work?

We at Blue River Tara organize a lot of excursions and expeditions, the most attractive of which is the rafting. For all the activities we organize, we guarantee certified guides, so you can be carefree! Within our offer, there are also several arrangements available, which vary in duration, so you can choose the one that suits you most. We offer:

Daily Rafting - If you want a one-day excursion - this is a fantastic tour for it. We provide complete rafting equipment, feel free to come!

Two Days Rafting - Rafting arrangement, the most exciting part of the river Tara, for two days, with one night in the camp, the selected accommodation, in the center of the canyon of the Tara River.

Three Days Rafting - Three-day arrangement with two nights. Rijeka Tara is 158km longest river in Montenegro and one of the most beautiful and most challenging rivers in Europe and the world with a canyon of 80km long, which also belongs to the deepest canyons in the world (1,300m), right after Colorado. By rafting all the way, from place to place, we will actually pass the heart of the Tara canyon, this incomparable gem on the face of this planet.

Weekend Rafting - This is a tour where you will meet the Tara canyon in the right way. Enjoying and staying on the river will enrich and unite with nature. A great story for you and your family.

Special Offer - In this tour we visit the most beautiful places and unforgettable waterfall on Tara. Rafting adventure ends in Šćepan Polje and lunch in our restopran.

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