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Whether or not it is your first time to go rafting, it is vital that you follow these safety tips for rafting to make sure that your experience will absolutely be fun and memorable. While rafting is an exciting and exhilarating adventure, because of the elements of nature it is inevitable that there is danger and risk involved. Rafting can be a really great activity for the whole family. It could be done properly and with ease as long as you keep these safety tips in mind. Wear proper clothes. This is important especially when you go rafting during the spring when the water is chilly. Safety tips while rafting include this because it is recommended that you wear your wet suit over some thick or warm clothes to prevent hypothermia.

During the summer, wear clothes that are quick drying and do not forget to put on some sunscreen and wear protective sunglasses. You are also not allowed to wear slippers or flip flops, or even go barefoot.

Wear protective gear. This is one of the most important safety tips while rafting. Life jackets or vests are essential so you should never forget to put one of these on. The waters could be quite unpredictable and there is always a possibility for you to fall out of the boat or for the boat turn over so make sure you keep on your life jacket. It should be snug and buckled up so it does not come off at any time. It should also be comfortable to make sure it doesn't restrict your movements. A helmet is also essential, of course, to avoid injuries from hitting your head on rocks and what not. Follow and listen to your guide at all times. Remember that your guide is there for reason so make sure you listen to his instructions and do as he says. The guides are well-trained and have been through the river a lot of times already so they know what to do and how to handle different situations you will be encountering while going down the river. This is one of the most essential safety tips while rafting you always have to keep in mind. Know what to do in case you fall out of the boat. The boat does not have seat belts so do not eliminate the possibility that you might fall out of the boat. Make sure you learn about the best swimming techniques to stay safe and be able to get back into the boat immediately.

The best swimming technique is to swim or float on your back with your head up facing downstream and your toes pointing to the sky to see where you are going and if there are rocks ahead. Be prepared. Of course, you can?t go into the water without having any idea of what you will be in. Make sure to learn about the sport, some important techniques to be used, and how to keep yourself inside the boat as much as possible. You also have to learn about the rules and regulations. Most importantly, keep these safety tips while rafting in mind to make sure you make the most out of your rafting experience and bring home unforgettable memories with you.

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