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Before engaging in any activities related to this sport, you need to be familiar with the rules of conduct towards the team in the raft as well as your own actions and movements on the water. Afterwards, you are required to sign a membership form acknowledging that you are aware of the rules associated with rafting, including participating at your own risk.

The skipper will explain all these rules in detail before the start, and it is also your obligation to listen to their instructions.

Regarding the rules concerning the team, participants are obliged to assist the staff with:

The raft's skipper will inspect the equipment of each participant before the start and determine the seating and rowing arrangements for each person. Breaks during the rafting trip are made solely at the decision of the skipper or in agreement with the participants.

Rules during rafting:

Rafting na tari

To ensure your safety and a pleasant experience while rafting, it is essential to adhere to these rules.

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