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Did you know that spring Tara rafting is considered to be the most exciting spring adventure? If you love adventure, and you haven't been a part of this excitement so far, then this spring is the right time for you.

This is the period when you can embark on an adventure and feel the power of the river, and as nature wakes up in the spring, you will be enchanted by the beauties of untouched nature and the magic of this place.

Is there anything better than combining a holiday with an adventure?

Spring rafting in April and May is a party not to be missed. As a consequence of melting snow on the surrounding mountains, the water level of the river is higher due to the fact that rafting on the Tara is the most popular and dynamic in this period. In the face of the most beautiful period of the year, you can feel the strength and speed of the river, which is surrounded by wild nature and which hides the untouched magic of this place. There are beautiful waterfalls, caves and lookouts whose beauty is best shown when everything wakes up.

This adventure wins the hearts of all visitors and experience says that most are happy to return to be part of the greatest excitement during the year. Spring rafting on the Tara is primarily recommended for experienced and those who are not afraid of the speed of the river, because it is stronger at the beginning of the season. Of course, all this causes a high level of adrenaline, it is an extreme adventure that is completely harmless.

Our experienced and licensed skippers go on a rafting adventure with you, whose many years of experience provide high security and allow you to get better acquainted with all the magic you will see during rafting. Of course, special equipment that protects you from all external influences awaits you.

With us, you will also find pleasant and well-equipped accommodation, comfort and the service you deserve. Every day we try to make your vacation better and provide the fun you want, which is why you have given us confidence.

Spring rafting is truly an adventure not to be missed and one that everyone should experience at least once. That is why we expect you to build memories together and look forward to your arrival.

See our offer for spring Tara rafting and swim in the new season with us!
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