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In order for your adventure to be an experience to remember and not to panic for no reason, we suggest you to read everything you need to pay attention to when rafting in order to fully enjoy it and have guaranteed safety from the very beginning. And in the worst case, you may want to repeat this adventure as soon as possible.

Pay attention to the equipment
Make sure you have all the necessary equipment while rafting and you will be absolutely safe. The rafting club provides equipment that includes a safety vest which ensures the buoyancy of the person in case he finds himself in the water. There are also protective helmets that protect the head, and another indispensable part of the equipment is a neoprene suit and neoprene shoes for protection against the cold.

Listen to the instructions from the guide
The rafting club also provides basic training by experienced skippers who will help you find your way when you are in the water. You will learn some of the commands that you will apply at a given time when the guide asks you to. An experienced skipper is trained to know exactly how to behave in any situation, so that your safety is guaranteed.

Hold the paddle correctly
Holding the upper arm on the "T" handle is very important because it stabilizes the paddle, and reduces the possibility of dropping the paddle into the river, while the other arm should be at the base of the paddle. The handle does not need to be tightened because it is constructed so that we can paddle without too much fatigue. By holding the paddle correctly, you will avoid inconveniences.

Choose the river that suits your condition
If you do not have much experience and this is your first time rafting, then the best option for you is water of class 1 which does not require maneuvering or water of class 2 which belongs to a slightly rougher type and which may require basic rowing skills.

You don't need to know how to swim
You don't have to know how to swim – if you find yourself in a situation where you roll over in the water, the safety equipment will protect you and help the skippers get you back in the boat.

What is important to take into account while rafting?

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