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Today, Tara rafting is a very popular activity on the water, which in addition to fun and challenges is a real vacation for all those who want an escape from reality and a vacation by the river.

This interesting activity is gaining interest to more and more people every day, so the question arises when is it best to go rafting on the Tara? Is there a right period for rafting, considering that it is an activity on the water and is the holiday different from month to month?

An unforgettable adventure awaits you in the first place, which causes great excitement and a high level of adrenaline, and the fact is that most visitors want to experience this adventure over and over again. Tara rafting is a great opportunity to enjoy with your friends in the wild and beautiful nature that you can see during rafting, listen to the silence and prepare a break from obligations and crowds while you can be active at the same time.

The Tara rafting season officially starts in April and lasts until October, and the difference between spring and summer rafting is in the water level of the river. During the spring, the water level of the river is much higher due to the melting of snow on the nearby mountains, which speeds up the river and provides a faster and more demanding descent. So if you want to feel the real power of the river this is the right period for you.

If you prefer to enjoy untouched nature, during the summer while the river calms down, you can enjoy the beautiful secrets of this coast such as waterfalls, lookouts and caves with breaks for photography. In this case, rafting on the Tara can take several interesting hours.

You can choose any period depending on the obligations, because adventure is inevitable. It is a unique experience that will be remembered for a long time, and probably repeated. Rafting Tarom adventure with us can be combined with another activity such as hiking or horseback riding or excursions that we have prepared for you.

See all the information about our travels and indulge in enjoyment, we are here to provide complete enjoyment, adventure and relaxation. We are here to fulfill your every wish and share unforgettable moments with you.

When is the best time to go rafting on the Tara
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